The Radeon RX500 series cards are out! Some have called these cards a “Gen 2” 400 series cards – not a lot of tweaks or changes – we’re going to have a sit-down Q&A and demo with Ed from Sapphire next Sunday and we wanted to invite questions about the new cards from our community.

Here’s a quick rundown of Sapphire’s product lineup:

  • Nitro+ RX580 1450mhz 8gb
  • Nitro+ RX580 1411mhz 8gb
  • Nitro+ RX580 1411mhz 4gb
  • Pulse RX580 1366mhz 8gb
  • Pulse RX580 1366mhz 4gb
  • Nitro+ RX570 1340mhz 8gb
  • Nitro+ RX570 1340mhz 4gb
  • Pulse RX570 ITX 1244mhz 4gb
  • Pulse RX570 4gb 1284mhz 4gb
  • RX560 4gb 1300mhz 4gb
  • RX560 2gb 1300mhz 2gb
  • Pulse RX550 1206mhz 4gb
  • Pulse RX550 1206mhz 2gb

In addition the RX550 is all new silicon – hardware h.265 playback and displayport 1.4 – lots of cool new features for a low-tier model perfect for online games like League of Legneds, Voerwatch, Rocket League or Counter Strike:Global Offensive. Based on a modern Polaris architecture and sporting 512 GCN stream processors boost-clocked at 1206 MHz, the RX550 is up to 5X faster than an Intel integrated Graphics and up to 2X faster than the previous generation Radeon R7 250 card.

What are your questions? We have a few good starter questions:

  • What cards can be used best in prebuilt systems that have a weak power supply and no extra PCIe power connectors?
  • What’s up with the late release on the RX560 – what all did they tweak? The shaders are unlocked, but was anything else tweaked?
  • What are your thoughts on folks flashing 400 series cards to 500 series cards in the case of the 470/480?
  • What card do you think is the best value for:
  • 1080p 60hz all-rounder gaming
  • 1080p 144hz all-rounder
  • 1440p 60hz
  • Home theatre pc (steam inhome streaming, quiet streaming, etc).