Wow! Level1 is a current world-record holder for best Fire Strike score on any Ryzen 1800X system with a single 1080Ti GPU and #6 for any Ryzen 1800X system with any gpu!  Holy crap!

U-S-A, U-S-A

We weren’t even going for that; if it wasn’t for one of our forum members pointing it out, we wouldn’t have known. 

We’re doing a build video with this system, pictured above. It is a:

  • AMD Ryzen 1800x running @ 4.1ghz (Pstates overclock, 1.2v SOC voltage, ~1.41v chip voltage)
  • ASRock Taichi X370 P1.54 (beta) BIOS.
  • Bitfenix Shogun Case,
  • GSkill DDR4-3200 TridentZ 16-16-16-34 timings, running @ full 3200mhz.
  • Noctua NH-D15 Tower CPU Cooler
  • Toshiba RD-400 NVMe SSD
  • CoolerMaster 750M PSU
  • EVGA GTX 1080Ti (thanks @zeta for letting us use it!) 
  • .. More hardware detail here: 

Though this moment is fleeting, and I am sure other Ryzen users will soon surpass us, the thing of note here is that this is a fairly “ordinary” high-end build with this system. This build is not a lot different than how we would build our own personal systems (though we did borrow the graphics card from a forum member). We aren’t doing anything crazy here. We aren’t dumping insane voltages into the CPU, using a water cooler, or anything like that. 

The graphics card is even running at stock! For the moment anyway… :D (kidding! It's a loaner from a forum member, so we weren't planning to OC it. We can probably buy one though.)

We have tweaked the operating system a number of ways, including enabling Messaged Signaled Interrupts (MSI) at the suggestion of one of our forum users. Big thanks to Brad Morris @gtbtk on our forums. Enabling MSI was responsible for a ~~5% bump in performance at the 1080p workload of FireStrike. 

This system is a configuration that anyone can build. And we’re sure we won’t be on top forever, but we can enjoy this fleeting milestone for Level1.

I think AMD has got a win on its hands!

Oh, and this is the same system we used for our Doom game stream! Get this – To test with the upcoming 1600X, we disabled two cores on the 1800X for a 3+3 CCX configuration. We kept the clocks the same as you see here and streamed this stream to twitch at both 3500k and 6000k (last 30 minutes of the stream). We used OBS and the “fast” software h265 encoding preset for OBS.

Watch our stream on the TeamPGP Gaming Channel to see the build in action.

So, for this 3 hour stream we were playing Doom @ 90+ FPS at 4k on a 1080Ti, downscaling to 1080p and live capture + cropping 4k from our camera for the overlay with two cores disabled! Based on this, I think Ryzen is a tremendous value gaming scenarios like this.

*Currently the system is #1 for Ryzen 1800X systems w/one 1080Ti GPU, and #6 for Ryzen 1800X system with any one GPU on the FireStrke benchmark. Get some of that sweet sauce.